TLC’S Cake Boss

We sure are having a lot of fun with Buddy! It was hilarious watching Anthony wrestle a client and actually winning! Who knew! Anyway….. In “Liberty, Layups & A Loaded Dinner”, Buddy makes a cake in honor of Lady Liberty. There was so much detail put into this cake! It was truly amazing! For awhile now, Mauro has stated his goal of becoming an American citizen. In this episode, he gives us a little more detail about his life and we learn what America means to him. We also get to find out if he passes his exam and really becomes an American citizen! Mary get’s into the middle of all this and starts to bicker amongst the family about Buddy firing her. We get to hear other family members opinions about this situation. “Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!” is the next episode. The bakery is asked to make a cake for a high class bar mitzvah. This cake has many different themes, but they all tie in together which creates a masterpiece! The crew also celebrates Mardi Gras by making a traditional King Cake! During Buddy’s interview with this client, the boys act up and behave like children. Buddy plans to get them back, good. Real good!

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