TLC’S Cake Boss

Greetings! In the last episode of Cake Boss, we discussed how Buddy left us on the edge of our seat waiting to see what will happen to Mary! Well, in “Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny” we sure found out! Turns out that Buddy had to fire Mary from the bakery! Big shock there! But from here on out, it’s fun and games in this episode. A client, Father Bob, orders a cake for an honored church member that includes stained glass windows on a cake! Also, Danny gets a surprise birthday party celebrating his 50th birthday by Buddy who makes an awesome cake for Danny. Special guests attend the party which makes this birthday a memorable one for Danny. In the next episode, “Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl”, Buddy rings in the lunar New Year with a dragon cake for a client. The team also must create a life-sized punching bag. Anthony get’s a little cocky and thinks he can take down this client in the wrestling ring, which turns into an interesting bet!

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