Top Chef: still worth watching?

  Is it just me or is Top Chef on its way out the door? This season, based throughout some of Texas biggest cities, is coming to an end and the excitement has yet to pick up. They’ve tried every gimmick in the book this time. And yet, the sub-par chefs can’t seem to generate much interest from the viewers.

Perhaps it is their inability to cook their hearts out. In seasons past, the lucky cheftestants cooked as if it would be their last time in the kitchen. They were cooking to the best of their ability, striving to impress with each bite. From Top Chef, we’ve learned of the brothers Voltaggio, Richard Blaise, Angelo Sosa. Even the sometimes-crazy Marcel Vigneron. They blew the judges’ minds.

This time around, the chefs are merely trying to survive. They aren’t cooking to be the best. They are cooking to be one step above the worst. Tom Collichio said it perfectly when he chastised Grayson and the other cheftestants for not making more exciting meals. Would any of these chefs survive in an All-Stars competition against some of their previous Top Chef predecessors? I doubt it.

The newest episode of Top Chef: Texas airs tonight on Bravo. Will you tune in?


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