Two Returns for the Price of One

The latest episode of Supernatural, “The Born-Again Identity”, was full of surprises, to put it mildly, to say the least, to not completely freak out…To begin, Cass has finally returned. But for how long? Three episodes, but are they consecutive? It could be anyone’s guess, to draw it out would be another form of punishment, but at least we won’t have to say hi and bye in three short weeks. And more importantly, at what cost? Cass wasn’t really Cass when Dean and he are first reunited. Rather, Cass has reemerged as Emmanuel, a healer, and it isn’t until much later that his memories of who/what he is and what he’s done return.

Cass has a wee bit of help getting his memories back. He isn’t the only returning character. Enter Meg. The boys have quite the track record with this demon, all the way back to the first season. Meg, still itching to get her hands on Crowley, is looking to cash in on the Cass’ comeback. Against Dean’s advisement, Meg continues to drop hints and Cass finally realizesthat he’s an angel. Apparently, smiting is a lot like riding a bicycle. But in the midst of taking down all the demons that surround the hospital where Sam is, Cass remembers everything.

Remorseful Cass decides to take on Sam’s, for the lack of a better word, psychosis, when he can’t heal him from the crumbled wall that Death constructed. Now Lucifer is taunting Cass and who knows how that will end…it’s likely though that it will be the end of Cass.

And Sam, poor, poor Sam. Is he really off the devil’s leash? He seemed to be up and functioning by the end of the episode, but will he need to cope with finally being free? That is if he really is truly free.

Back to Meg’s resurfacing, how long will she be around? She has opted to stay close to Cass, becoming a nurse at the hospital where he will now be residing. So will her stint on the show last as long as his? Supernatural has lacked a strong female character for quite some time now. Not since Ellen and Jo have we seen women who can stand toe-to-toe with Sam and Dean. However long Meg’s arc may last, we can be sure that whenever she’s around something big is about to go down.


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