Vampy Time

I always have a fang-tastic time watching The Vampire Diaries! (You see what I did there- wink wink!)

Anywho, this season opener was a good one.  I love this show, but it always leaves me so freaking irritated at the end.  Like why the heck did Elena not choose Damon!  Once you turn, you remember everything that happened to you when you were compelled in the past.  So, she was able to see that she met Damon first and when he told her that he loved her.  I would have been jumping his bones right then and there.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Stefan, he’s a great guy.  But the story with Damon and Elena is so much hotter, not to mention they’re dating in real life.

Actual plot point: So Elena is in transition, and errybody is going crazay to find a way to keep her from turning.  Like, Bonnie killed herself to try and bring her back. (-BTW what the hell was that thing with Bonnie and Grams? Grams was already dead, did she, like, die again? I’m not sure what all that was.-)  Why does Elena get all this special treatment?  Nobody did this when Caroline turned, or Vicki, or Jenna.  Any of them.

I was actually surprised that she turned.  I thought the suspense would build the entire episode and then they would actually find a way, but nope, I was wrong.  So this season will be interesting with all that junk going on.  I feel like they’re starting to phase out the “Original Family” and move along the story.  I’m excited to see what’s to come.

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