Watch Out for the Walkers!

Did you guys catch last night’s episode of Walking Dead?! It had me shivering in my boots! Okay, maybe I was on the couch, cuddled up with a blanket. But if I were wearing boots, they would have been shaking. I can’t believe they killed off Dale in last weeks episode, then killed Shane! What the heck is going on? Granted, I didn’t like Shane very much, but he was a major character. He asked for it trying to gun down Rick. Lori should have just kept away from Shane. She made matters worse trying to patch things up between them. It probably put all kinds of crazy ideas in Shane’s head that they would be together. With Shane out of the way, I wonder who is going to take on the bad boy role? The season finale is next week, and I am hoping there will be another season. I love this show way to much for it to end now!

I also can’t figure out how Shane, and the kid he killed turned into walkers. It has got me baffled. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe the world has become so contaminated that no matter if they are bitten, scratched, or just plain die, they now turn into walkers. Remember, in the beginning you had to have some sort of contact with the walker, and their blood had to get into the person’s system. The person became very ill, and then died. After dying, they woke up a walker. This could be an interesting twist to the show! I love that every minute I am sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my breath wondering if they are going to make it. Previews for the next episode show a lot of walkers coming their way! What do you think is going to happen to the farm? It looks like they are going to get raided pretty bad! I just hope Rick and his son Carl Jr. make it to safety! I mean, both of them have been shot and survived! They have to make it!

Does anyone remember the black guy and his son from the first couple episodes of Season 1? I am hoping they somehow bring them back into the show. The show has never claimed they have lived or died. It would be interesting to find out! Don’t you think so? I am sure a lot is bound to happen in the season finale. I know I will be watching Sunday.


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  • This episode was a great episode! I also wounder about the Shane and the kid he killed and how they turned into walkers. My wife and I have been hoping that they would work the black guy and his son from the first couple episodes of Season 1 back into the show, from the looks of it its not going to be this season but maybe the next season can follow them and how they survived and what all they ran across and then at the end of a season they could catch back up to real time with Rick and his group. I wounder if they will keep it going long enough for Lorri to have a baby. But this better not be the last season I love this show, I am glad to see someone write about it! Keep it up!

  • mrgnjones9:

    Thanks for the feedback! Keep reading for more updates on the show.

  • This episode was good, but I thought Laurie was messed up! One episode she pretty much tells Rick to get rid of Shane, then when he does she is like “Oh my god don’t touch me!”. Im really not sure if that was her reaction to hearing her husband offed him, then her son finished him off in the zombie after life state. Still she makes me angry. And when they left Blondie running for her life in the woods, I kept thinking she is gonna find them and be angry she was left behind. I definitely can not wait until stupid fall (;p) to watch another episode and see this bad chick with the armless zombie pets!! =0)

  • mrgnjones9:

    It’s going to be back to insanity in season three. No more comfort of the farm. It will surely be interesting to see how the group copes with all of the events from the season finale.

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