Who is the Liar?

Kenya? Keisha? Tammy? Evelyn? Maybe Jennifer or is it Shawnee! I just read an interview with Keisha (link is below article) where she said the girls just get together to film, and she thought everyone was really friends and hung out outside of filming.   Me too! Well just a little bit.  I know reality TV is not really reality. Well to some of those women it is their reality.  Anyways in the real world… Ha I should not say that either Tammy has been there once.  Well in factuality, I did think some of those girls hung out outside of filming.  I guess that was the last piece of naïve-ness I was working with. Won’t make that mistake again.  This week’s episode was off the chain! Do people still say that?  Next week looks even juicier but we are in episode five for now.

We got to see where Miss Keisha grew up.  The backwoods of North Carolina. I really was going to avoid this part of the show however as the mother of a bi-racial child, (half Haitian half white) I just find it strange that Keisha who was raised by her all white, country hillbilly, family claims she identifies herself as a black women. One reason I find it strange is being she is estranged from her father’s side, according to her they where not really in her life.  And there where not to many black people in her town she says. So where does the relating to black women come in?  Was that later when she got to the big city from her small country town?  I am not sure why it offends me she would say that but it does.  I am not going to say too much because of my own child but something about her fake ass just riles me up!

Moving on quick! In this episode we saw a lot about Evelyn’s drama. I want to start by saying “I don’t like hur” (in her own accent) anymore.  Not since she just sat there when her fiancé was talking about bringing another women into their relationship and said nothing but “well what if I don’t like hur”!?  So your man is saying on camera he is not fully committed to you and you do nothing but sit there and what… count the money in his bank account?  I mean come on what woman who truly has respect for her would be down with that?   Like she said yall is about to get married you need to tighten it up bobo!  Evelyn also had a meeting with some main member’s of the “Cash Money Crew” to talk about a book she is writing. I am just going to say one thing about that.. UM OKAY and that’s it.

At Shawnee’s birthday dinner, lushy Suzy kicked back way to many drinks and made a complete fool out of herself as usual.  Reminding Tammy of her food stamp days and then getting all in her face after the fact. It was so funny to watch.  I was waiting for Tammy to lay her out. She really needs to stop drinking!   Does she even watch the show? Do you think she has seen herself being so stupid, maybe she is drinking when she watches so she does not notice the complete ass she makes out of herself?   Truthfully most of the women made asses out of themselves by turning the toast to Shawnee inward and making it about themselves and their problems.  It was hilarious to see them go at it in a toast manner.  After Evelyns two speeches and then Jens, Evelyn got a little pissed at a respect comment made by Jen. Evelyn got out of her seat and walked over to Jen to fight.  She didn’t move thank god, but she stood up after Evelyn hit her in the head with her purse and was being led out.  Truthfully Jen said it best at the end when she stated this about Evelyn in a diary session… “Why are you thinking about me?”  I think Evelyn wants her friend back but can’t have it, so she is acting like a big baby!   Jen was wrong for saying what she did on the radio but I think she was in a bad place at that time.  We all make mistakes sometimes.  Personally I talked smack about a good friend once and I don’t even know why I did it.  But I can say to this day ten years plus later It still haunts me and I still don’t know why I said any of the things I said.  She was a good friend to me the only one I had at the time.  I think I just did not understand the personal decisions she was making so I just ran my mouth.  I feel like maybe Jen made the same mistake. Unfortunately when you add alcohol and cameras in the mix, an apology might be hard to come by. I think that is the case here.  As long as the cameras are rolling Evelyn’s going to continue to show her ass, try to act like this big tuff girl. When we all know she is just a fatherless child with daddy issues. That makes her the low self valued women she is.  Women like that need there toughness to prove they cant be messed with.  But as I stated before and I will again her relationship is a joke and it makes her look really bad!!

I guess with all that being said cant wait for next weeks episode!  Until next time America!  Wait that’s Maury’s line….. Hmmm Seacrest out… Shoot no, not that either… Lets just go with…Deuces!!




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