“Working at the Car Wash”

In the last episode of Cake Boss, we saw Mary walking into the factory and announcing that she’s back! Well, in this new episode of Cake Boss, we sure find out what she’s up to. In fact, Buddy had given her a second chance by arranging her to come back as manager of the consultations. She gladly accepted and began working┬áimmediately. Mauro and the others thought she was making herself feel too much right at home when she was putting up her “decorations” in her work area. Meanwhile, Buddy makes a special cake in celebration of a car wash’s 1 millionth wash! This cake is not just an ordinary cake, it’s a working car wash! You’ll have to see it to believe it! And, Mauro makes a special cake for a couple’s 75th wedding anniversary. The evening ends with a happy and inspiring moment!

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